How Platon (Plasma therapy) works?

schritt1 plasma pen

Releasing microsized plasma

schritt2 plasma pen

Skin penetration

schritt3 plasma pen

Implementing energy to skin cells


schritt4 plasma pen

Improving skin re-generation ability

schritt5 plasma pen

Improving skin trouble problems



High power plasma


4 different types of Tip’s for the skin area


Quick treatmnet

kompaktes Design

Compact design

Verbesserung der Elastizität und Falten

Improvement on elasticity and wrinkle

What was Platon designed for?

  • Elasticity improvement

    Plasma activates platelets and promotes cell regeneration, resulting in a smooth and resilient skin.

  • Atopy improvement

    With principal where ionized reactive oxygen species generated from the plasma stick to the surface of the cells and sterilize them, it reduces the ‘Staphylococcus aureus’ which is causes atopy.

  • Pigment improvement

    Use the needle tip to remove superficial pigment disease and spots.

  • Wrinkle improvement

    The density of skin increases as plasma penetrates dermis, which gives and induces skin regeneration rather than temporary effect.

  • Anti-Aging

    Collagen cells increases by stimulation on dermis. It also kills harmful cells by increasing the active oxygen in the cells.

  • 40 times more nutrition absorption of essence

    Through a pleasant warmth the blood circulation is increased and the active ingredients are absorbed by a multiple.

  • Shorter treatment times

    A treatment usually takes between 15 – 20 minutes. Besides, the procedure is safe, pleasant and painless.

  • Minimal to no side effects

    Plato has been specially created to minimze the usualy side effects, as there is almost no erythema or pigmentation after treatment.

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